Food Labelling

Labelling is one of the most regulated areas in the food & drink industry – and a core part of any due diligence programme. Specified allergens are now also mandated for inclusion on labelling, so there’s an even greater risk of getting it wrong.

Apart from ensuring that label descriptions match the product, regulations make provisions for the presentation of descriptions (text and pictorial), ingredient listings, nutrition information, product claims, nominal quantity (weight, volume or count). Rules also cover areas such as storage by the consumer and durability aka shelf-life (best before or use by).

As a food producer or brand owner, you know that not complying with relevant regulations and getting your labels wrong is one of the most costly avoidable errors your business can suffer.

Here are the three most common areas of labelling error…

  • Missing allergen warnings
  • Inaccurate nutrition information
  • Unlawful product health or function claims

So why take that risk? MNGP understands the regulations and is constantly aware of any legislative changes. The finer details of food labelling are second nature to us. We’re constantly aware of any changes and anticipate the implementation of new rules.

Whether you have an existing label design template or require one to be created from scratch against your product specification, we work with designers every day and understand the process. As our client, we’ll work with you in ample time to respond to any changes, diluting the risk of incorrectly labelled, expensive packaging being thrown away.

Want label confidence?
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